Top 3 easiest ways to recover deleted photos from Mac OS

” I deleted photos from my Mac machine without consciousness, how can I get back deleted photos from Mac OS?

Many users are stuck in the smimilar situation about photo loss from Macbook, iMac. Indeed, some tips and tricks can help us recover deleted photos from Mac. Let’s learn the 3 most common ways to get back Mac photos.

Top 3: Try to restore from Trash

Generally, when you deleted a file from Mac OS machine, the deleted file won’t miss at once. You can go to the Trash to find out what you have deleted. Unless you do a totally deletion or the deleted files is too large to be stored in Trash folder. So, restoring from Trash is the most common and easiest way to recover photos from Mac OS devices.

recover photos from mac



Top 2:Time machine can help you recover photos from Mac

This way may be able to help you when you find nothing in Trash but you need to recover data from Mac. Time machine is a official backup and restore feature provided from Mac. As long as users enale the manual or automatical backup funtion in their Mac machine, when they lose data from Mac, they can restore the whole system to former stage. Therefore, this is a worth-to-use to restore photos from Mac machine.

Top 1: Use program to perfrom Mac deleted photos recovery

When you can’t find what you need in Trash and Time machine, or you want to do memory card, hard drive photos recovery on Mac OS, how can you do? Lost photos forever? Don’t lose hope, you can search for Mac data recovery software to recover photos from Memory card, camera, hard drive on Mac.

For example: Card Data Recovery for Mac-is a software for Mac user to recover photos, videos, audios, documents from memory cards used in cameras, phones etc. It supports various memory cards types including SD card, MicroSD, SDHC, CF Card, USB flash drive, as well as Mac hard drive and external hard drive etc.

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