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Possible? Recover Android data on Macbook

Wondering at Android data recovery on Macbook?

It seems to be a big problem when you find data loss happen to your Android device, but you use a Macbook that runs Mac OS. Android OS and Mac OS are quite different. And both of two systems seem to work for each other easily. So, it will be a big trouble when you need to recover Android data on Macbook!

Data loss from Android device will happen at any times

If you are familiar with Android device, you may find that it is easier to lose data in Android device than in iOS. iOS has recycle bin setting that is good for accidental deleting. Indeed, many data loss situations in Andorid OS are causes by deleting:

  • You accidentally deleted something important on your device without backup;
  • You formatted the SD card on your Android phone;
  • You rooted your Android mobile phone or tablet for some reason and lose data;
  • You returned your Android device to the factory setting, and found all contents on the device have been erased;

First aid-it’s not to do Android data recovery immediately

Most people must want to recover their loss data ASAP when they are aware of Android data loss happening. Well, they are right, but need to be patient. Generally, when we lost ant data in storage device, what we need to do firstly is stopping using the device. Any operations may make new data save to the storage space, which will overwrite invisible deleted, formatted data.
That’s means deleted, formatted Android files are not erased from Android device space. So, before data that has been overwritten by new data, we still have chance to do Android data recovery on Macbook.

recover Android data on macbook

What can work on Mac OS to restore data from Android OS

Commonly, we would like to recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos, etc in Android. Those kinds of data contain much important information in our daily life. Thus, before you try to find ways to get back lost Android data on Macbook, you can try to rely on the “backup and restore” services and apps. Such as Google firmware service and official backup and restoration software can help you. Check them.

However, not everyone has good habit to back up their phone data frequently. So, a professional Android data recovery professional for Mac OS is necessary.

Android Data Recovery Pro for Mac is an outstanding data recovery tool running on Mac. With powerful Android data recovery ability, it can get back all deleted, or lost photos, contacts, messages, and other files without any data damage. This professional data recovery software is available for all phones and tablets running Android OS, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and other Android brands.

More detail: http://www.card-data-recovery.com/product/android-data-recovery-software-for-mac.html

Good suggestions for Macbook users to back up Android device data

To prevent Android data loss, the best way is backup. In fact, although be a Mac OS user, we can make use of Google services to backup our Android device, For example, Google+ will sync your gallery photos in Android phone, Gmail account can back up your contacts, and Google Drive even can back up most files.

Yup, you have learned how to get back Android data on Macbook.

The way for Android photo recovery on Mac

Lost photos from your Android phone

Many people love to use Android phone to take photo.However, it is also easy to lost photos from Android memory card.

What kinds of situation can cause data loss from Android devices? You can check the following list:

  • Deleted, formatted data from Android phone or memory card
  • Update Android OS for your phone without backup, or the backup doesn’ match
  • Error that makes phone crash
  • memory card corruption
  • Photo Gallery app in the Android crash make photo loss happen


How to recover lost photos from Android phone on Mac?


recover android memory card file on mac os



What you need to do when you need Android photo recovery on Mac

When your lost data from Android phone, the firsy aid is stoppong using it, especially the data loss is caused by deletion or formatting. Indeed, deleted or formatted files won’t be removed from the memory card space, until new data save the space where the deleted or formatted located before. It is the storage principle in digital device. When deletion or foramtted happen, the file system just mark the file is “deleted” or “formatted”, which tells the system, the file is useless, when new data save to the storage hard drive of device, they can overwrite the useless file.

Therefore, if you need to restore Android photo on Mac and stop using the device, the possibility of data recovery is bigger.

Safty and reliable way for Android memory card photo Recovery on Mac

Although you know the lost data may be still in the memory card, how can you find them, because they are invisible? Here, you need a software to help you finish Android photo recovery on Mac.

Card Data Recovery for Mac is the best choice. It is a small and effective program for data recovery on Mac OS. With the help of Card Data Recovery for Mac, you can easily recover Android memory card photos, videos, documents, or other files on Mac OS.

Firstly, You need to unplug the memory card from Android phone, and connect it with a card-reader to Mac computer.

Then download and install Card Data Recovery for Mac to your Mac comptuer. Launch it, you can see the memory card have beem recognized by the program as removable drive. Here, you just choose it as the scanned drive, and select the file types you want to scan, click “Scan” button to start scanning.

After scanning, you can preview the lost photos, or other files in the program, just select the one you want to recover.

Finally, save the recovered files to the Mac computet.

Note: if tour Android phone doesn’t support external memory or you want to recover Android phone data on Windows, you can try to use professional Android data recovery software, such as Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is the best.