Recover Memory Card Data-SDHC Card Photos Recovery on Mac

Is these Troubles about SDHC Card Data Recovery Familiar with Us?

Sometimes, you accidentally deleted the SDHC card photos on your computer running Mac operating system, there are a lot of pictures which record a lot of beautiful memory in the card. Maybe you can get them back from the recycle bin, because you just press the “Delete” and the files just are moved to the recycle bin. However, if you press the “Shift+ Delete” or click “totally delete”, I think you ‘ll be crazy,because, what you deleted will not appear in recycle bin. And I think it’s a common problem in our daily life. As is known to all, Mac OS is a rising role in the market of PC operating. Because of the good quarlity of product and efficient promotion, Apple’s product become more and more popular, and more and more people choose to use PC running Mac OS, Therefore, many a time we will face some occasions like those above, which disable SDHC card accessibility when using Mac computer. You have no choice but recover data from SDHC card on Mac.

Are the deleted files such as digital photos, videos, audio memos etc lost forever?

Any way retrieve deleted files from memory card on Mac?

Keep reading this article for how to recover photos from SDHC card for Mac.

SDHC card photos recovery on mac

Why SDHC Card Photos Can be Recovered

The principle of data recovery from SDHC card is the same as data recovery on Windows computer. You know, if you delete data from your Windows computer, Windows system just adds a mark to the delete files from the FAT file directory entry table . ( So you can see that the speed of deleting a 10G file and deleting a 10K one is the same). Thus, The data on the hard disk still exists. Besides,Formatting does not remove the hard disk data as well, but just empty the file directory entry table . Unless you use a fully formatted. Otherwise, the data may be restored.Data recovery software make use of this principle to recover deleted, formated data from a SDHC card.And Mac OS is the same, So SDHC card photos recovery on Mac is possible.

recover photos from sdhc card on macrecover photos from sdhc card on mac

5 Steps for SDHC Card Photos Recovery on Mac

Step1. Download the Card data recovery from here:  and install it on your PC ( the software have Windows version and Mac version).

Step2. Connect the SDHC card to computer and launch the Card data recovery application.

Step3. Select the option “Photo Recovery”, (you can choose other option for example,“Video Recovery”,”Music Recovery” or “Document Recovery” to recover other data in various formate.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered photos in SDHC card data and you have finished SDHC card photos recovery on Mac.

Your Experience for SDHC Card Photos Recovery

Can the article about Card Data Recovery help you to restore photos from SDHC card on Mac?

Share your story here and see if you can get your problem solved quicker!

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