Little Known Ways to Retrieve Deleted Photos for Mac

Case 1: I have a Mac OS and I want to know where deleted photos off the trash bin on the Mac desktop icons go. Does it delete forever off the Mac, if not, how can I do that to restore deleted photos for Mac?
Case 2 : I have a Nikon Coolpix.I was on the menu and accidently hit format which deleted all my photos.I need those photos back urgently.How do I restore formatted photos on my camera? I know i can download a software from internet to recover it, but i don’t know which software is good for Mac?

Don’t worry! Deleted,format photos by mistake is nothing serious actually. Despite of the fact that data storage technology progress has gone exceptionally far in just few decades, users are frequently observed deleting their own photographs and regretting for them later.

But the news is that though you delete these photos from Mac, but they actually seize to physically exist on the media till you overwrite it. Hence, there is always a good possibility that you can recover such deleted information. Photo Recovery tools allow you to restore all lost and deleted photographs through just few simile steps. Nowadays, so many photo recovery software that which is really work and good for use? Well, Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac can be a nice choice.This easy-to-use data recovery tool is suitable for all computer users, and can be used in different photo loss situations on Mac.

retrieve deleted photos for mac

Let’s see how to retrieve deleted photos for mac with few easy steps.
Step 1: Download Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac from
Step 2: Start the photo recovery software, and select a module using the reason of data loss. “Deleted Recovery” is designed for photo deletion recovery, “Format Recovery” is for recovering data from formatted camera.
Step 3: Find the file types you intend to recover. Click ‘Sacn’ to find all lost file photos.
Step 4: Choose the photo you want to recover, Click” Recover”

Some notes when perform picture recovery for Mac
Note 1: Save your recovered photos on a different drive in case of recovery failure.
Note 2. Stop writing anything new on the drive immediately.
Note 3. Back up your important photos regularly in the future.

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