How to Restore Deleted Memory Card Data on Mac

Have You Ever Suffered from Memory Card Data Recovery on Mac?

Many accidents are unexpected, but life always play joke on us. A friend of mine was on vacation in the USA and took so many photos with her families.Unluckily,her memory card was unpulgged without turning camera off by her little son. she wanted to recover photos in the memory card on computer, but there are only Mac os computer in the hotel, she and her families didn’t know how to do memory card data recover on Mac and no recovery software can running on Mac os.Finally,she had to give up and bought a new memory card.

In fact, because of Apple’s high-quality products and efficient marketing plan, More and more People who use computer running Mac os such as Imac, Macbook, Meanwhile, it is un avoidable for them to face the problem of memory data loss, memory card corrupted,
mistakenly deleted data in SDHC card, SDHC card damaged, etc can trouble users of Mac os as well. Therefore, memory card data recovery on mac is necessary.

memory card data recovery on mac

Easy steps for Memory Card Data Recovery on Mac

It is very recommended to have a try to download Card Data Recovery software ,and restore card data.

You don’t have to worry about the process of memory card data on Mac with Card Data Recovery is long and the steps are complicate, you can recover your photos easily after the following steps:

Step1. Go to the website: here download and install it on your mac computer

Step2. Insert the memory card to computer, then double click the Card Data Recovery logo to run the program.

Step3. Select the option “Photo Recovery”, “Video Recovery”,”Music Recovery” or “Document Recovery”, or you can tick all of them if you would like.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered photos in memory card data and you have finished memory card data recovery

Note to Restore Memory Card Data on Mac

Particularly, Card data recovery for Mac enable you recover card data like photos, videos, music, etc. And if you use it in “Raw Recover”, you can recover the files in more than 40 formats. Once, your card was seriously corrupted, and the data in it is exactly important for you, you can call a data recovery expert. even if it will spend more than data recovery software, it is safer.

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