Techie Friendly Tips: How to Restore Deleted Photos for Mac

My sister accidently deleted almost all of our pictures that we had on our Mac. These pictures have never been backup, and are very important! Is there an app that could recover these pictures? About 200 photos have been deleted.

Well, it seems your problem is really serious. Don’t worry too much, as long as you have not used your Mac after you deleted the photos, you can possibly retrieve deleted pictures for mac

Photos that stored in Mac, digital cameras, cell phones, external HDDs. However, the mentioned data loss issues always bring unpleasantness to Mac users. Many of users have the same question: can I recover photo from Mac? The answer is YES. Photo loss problem is not a serious problem if you have the good software to recover them. The deleted or lost photos are not really gone from your Mac or storage devices. They are still there before new coming data overwrites them.All you need is Mac photo recovery software.

restore deleted photos for mac

You must have found many softwares but I would advise you take Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac into account. This tool is able to recover music, photos and videos from Mac, no matter files are lost due to accidental deletion, formatting or even corruption.

Restore Deleted Photos for Mac in 3 Steps
Now let’s perform the recovery with Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac users. If you are a Windows user, please download the Windows version.

Step 1 Select a recovery type to start. Install and run Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac on your Mac. You will be offered with 4 recovery modes. Here we try “Photo Recovery”
Step 2 Select a partition to scan for deleted pictures
You need to select the partition where your photos are deleted first.
To retrieve deleted photos, you’ll also need to select data type. After selecting partition and data type, you just need to click “Scan” to continue.
Step 3 When the scan is ended, all found photos will be displayed.
In the end, you just need to select photos you need and click “Recover” to restore and save them in your Mac.

Please note that, Don’t save the restored photos on the same disk, or the recovery will fail.

Download Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac from

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