FAQ about Mac Photos Recovery

Q1:Photos will lost forever?

A:This question is common among the users of digital product. Data loss can be caused by they mistaken deleted, accidently formated data or some accidents happen to storage media. As a matter of fact,data are still in the memory card,but just invisible, we can’t see them! You know when we delete something from computer,even if press” shift+delete”, the data we deleted are still in the hard drive, but made a “deleted” flag from the FAT file directory entry table, so they are not shown.Therefore, when you accidentally deleted photos from SD card, SDHC card,CF card, or even these card are corrupted, error – those deleted photos are not wiped off forever, unless the space where the deleted photos save in are overwritten.


mac photo recovery

Q2:Is it difficult to Recover Photos from Memory card on Mac?

A:I think this question always be arised by Mac users.Take it easy, as you have known that deleted, or formatted data are still in the storage device‘s memory  partition, so data recovery on mac is simimlar with card data recovery on Windows, And as long as the data in the sectors of the disk are not fully occupied, it is possible to get lost data back on Mac in easy way.

Q3:Any Photo Recovery Software Can Run on Mac?

A: Of course, there are many recovery toos for mac on the Internet, but not all of them is good or suitable for the common users.

Photo Recovery- is able to recover images, photos and other files from memory card,hard drive ,usb drive or other storage device on Mac OS X in various data loss situation: accidental deletion, unintentional quick format or complete format,memory card errors, virus attack etc. No matter SD card, SDHC card, CF card, MMC card,etc the Card Data Recovery program for Mac can get back your deleted or lost data off it in an easy, fast and safe way. It is fully compatible with latest OS X Mountain Lion.


recover photos from sdhc card on macrecover photos from sdhc card on mac

Q4:How to Recover Photos on Mac with Photo Recovery?

A:If you choose Card Data Recovvery to help you restrieve data from card on mac, you can operate it with the following step:
STEP 1: Connect the Memory card or other storage devices  (contained your deleted or inaccessible files) to your computer running Mac os(if you recover data from Mac computer hard drive directly, you don’t have to do this).

STEP 2:Scan your memory card for lost files-Download and install the Photo Recovery for Mac to your computer. Launch the program and follow the guides to let it do a scan of your memory card, hard drive, etc.

STEP 3: Recover found photos files.You can preview the recovered files, and choose the one you want to get back, Then hit the recover option to let them fully recovered.
Here, you have completed to Mac photos recovery at ease.

Q5 Any cautions for Card Data Recovery on Mac

A:When you restore photos from memory card on mac, you should pay attention to following tips:

1. it is recommended to connect the memory card via a card reader ( Of course, high quality needed) and then plug into the computer as this way will be more secure. If you can’t get one or don’t have one at hand, directly using a USB port to connect the device which is memory card run on to computer is also an alternative.

2.Once you find files lost from memory card, the first thing you should do is stop using the device (with memory card insides) to take more photographs or save new files. If the card is corrupted (Windows may remind you to format it), ignore the message. And do not format it before the data recovered.

3.To increase chances of recovery, DO NOT install the app on the drive your memory card represents.

4.If the software finds and recovers your files, DO NOT save recovered files back to your memory card in case part of the files getting partial or full overwritten.

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