Flash Card Recovery Mac-How to Recover Data From Flash Drive For Mac

Accidentally Deleted Photos From Flash Card ?
I accidentally deleted photos on my boss’s camera and they are extremely important for a survey report. Although my screen shows ‘no image’ is it possible to retrieve or restore them from the flash card, and if so, how do I go about this?

flash card recovery mac

Yes, your deleted photos from flash card can be retrieved. But before telling how to recover data from flash card , let’s us learn what’s flash card.

Flash card is a small data storage device that uses a flash memory chip to store data. Flash cards can be quite small in size, with a capacity of many gigabytes of storage. The memory in these cards is non-volatile, so it does not require a power source to remain intact. There are many different devices that use these cards, and numerous companies that manufacturer different formats.

If you want to retrieve deleted pictures from your digital camera flash card – stop taking any more photos immediately . If you haven’t formatted the flash card or saved any more photos to it, you are much more likely to get your erased photos back.This is because most cameras don’t overwrite the memory on flash cards when a simple delete command is used. Instead they just mark the space that the pictures had been stored on as being available later for use.

How Can We Recover Photos from Flash Card ?
The best way and the only way i know is using flash card data recovery software. Tenorshare Photo Recovery is specifically designed video recovery software, which provides absolute photos recovery of deleted, formatted, and lost photos from flash card. Here I will show how to perform flash card recovery mac. Frist, download Tenorshare Photo Recover For Mac from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/photorecoveryformac.htm and install in in your Mac. Then following the 4 steps below to get your photos from flash card back. If you are a Windows user, turn to Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Windows, which works the same as the Mac version.

Step I: Connect your flash card directly with Mac using card reader at first.
Step II: Launch Tenorshare Photos Recovery for Mac, select the recovery mode, then scan your flash card.
Step III: After scanning, all the recoverable photos are displayed by format. Unfold the folder, and then highlight the photos file for a preview.
Step IV: Select the photos you want and click “Recover”.

After finishing the 4 steps above, you will see all the photos deleted from flash card have came back!

Some notes after lost photos from flash card.
* Do not put more files or other data in the same place where the lost images were stored. Because after the photos were lost, the data itself isn’t lost. Just the area where the lost photos were stored is now marked as free space for other new files to be written. So once you put other data in it, this free space will be overwritten, which makes it difficult to do flash drive recovery.
* Do not take more photos
* Do put the flash card in safe place

More information about flash card recovery: http://tinyurl.com/flashcardrecovery


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