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A Story about Mac Photos Recovery

I want to tell a story about a boy who how to recover lost photos from Mac computer.

Photo loss from Mac computer Happened to him

This is a technology world. There is a 13 years old boy who was crazy about photography. You often can see him take photos with a camera. One day, his father bought a computer running Mac Os fot him to storage and sort out his photos. The boy was so happy and thankful to his father. And then, he trasfered those photos from the camera to the Mac computer, and wanted to deleted some photos which were not so good. However, an accident happened. due to unfamiliar operation for Mac OS, the boy accidently press”delete all” when he clean the bad photos. All photos including those were wonderful in the Mac hard drive were gone, what the worse is he couldn’t see anything in the trash. He was so sad, and wondered whether he can recovery photos from Mac computer.

Twists and turns of Mac Photos Recovery

After this disaster, the boy asked his father for help, but his father told him it is impossible to recover deleted data from Mac computer, and comforted and encouraged him to take other photos again. This is a strong but stubborn boy, he thought those deleted photos were irreplaceable, and there must be some solution for Mac deleted photos recovery. So he began to search the tip for photo recovery on the web.

The process of finding the solution was long, especial for a 13 years old boy. He needed to know the tech-word of computer. However, there is a will, there is a way! After the lone-time searching, he known some tech knowledge of data recovery, And Mac photos recovery is possible. when deletion happen to any storage media including Mac computer hard drive, the file system only mark the space where the file save in as “available” , which can be made a room for new files. Therefore, the deleted or formatted data are still there until overwritten by new data. Stopping using the device is the first step for hard drive photo Recover.

After knowing the tips, the boy stopped using his Mac computer at once, and kept using his father’s computer to get solution. Finally, the boy got a recovery software for Mac which was recommeded in the Mac forum.

mac deleted photos recovery


Attempt for Mac Deleted Photo Recovery

Oh, the boy got the treasure. Does the story end? Ok, let’s learn the ending at last!

The boy followed the guides from the forum to download a Mac data recovery software from this site: Then he installed the software to his Macbook Pro, began to recover photos from Mac hard drive carefully:

Firstly, he launched the recovery software in tne computer. and select the drive which stored the deleted photos before.

Secondly, he clicked the ” Photo recovery” option and took the “raw mode to scan the hard drive for deleted photos.

He was so nervous in this moment, but after a while, when he could preview some photos which had gone from the hard drive, he He seemed to see a miracle.

At last, the scanning was over, the boy happily choosed and saved the photos he wanted to recover. Following the notes in the software, he didn’t save the recovered photos to the original hard drive of the Macbook Pro.

Not only the fairy tales can have a happy ending, as long as you have an effort on what you want, you can have a happy ending as well. This is an happy ending about a boy recover deleted photos from Mac.