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SD Card Photo Recovery Issue On Mac

Knowledge about SD Card

SD memory card, is a kind of independent storage media for mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, MP3 and other digital products , Because of its form of cards , it is referred to as ” memory card “, or known as the “digital memory card digital memory card , memory card as well. Memory card is compact , easy to carry and easy-to-use . At the same time, because the most of memory card has a good compatibility , it is easy to exchange data between the different digital products . In recent years, with the continuous development of digital products , the storage capacity of the memory card continuously enhance applications rapid spread.

Reason for SD Card Photo Loss

*File System Corruption
*Accidental Delettion
*Mistaken formatting
*Virus Attack
and more…

Those above causes alway happen when we use Mac computer to deal with SD card data, at this moment, we have to recover photo from SD card on mac.

SD Card Photo Recovery software for Mac

Card Data Recovery- is able to recover images, photos and other files from memory card on Mac OS X in various data loss situation: accidental deletion, unintentional quick format or complete format,memory card errors, virus attack etc. No matter SD card, SDHC card, CF card, MMC card,etc the Card Data Recovery program for Mac can get back your deleted or lost data off it in an easy, fast and safe way. It is fully compatible with latest OS X Mountain Lion.

sd card photo recovery on mac

How to Recover Deleted Photo from SD Card on Mac with Card Data Recovery

Card Data Recovery provide a simple operation for user to restore photo from SD card on Mac with few click.

STEP 1: Connect the SD card (contained your deleted or inaccessible photo) to your computer running Mac os.

STEP 2: Scan your SD card for lost photo.
Download and install the Card Data Recovery for Mac to your computer. Launch the program and follow the guides to let it do a scan of your memory card.

STEP 3: Recover found files.You can preview the recovered files, and choose the one you want to get back, Then hit the recover option to let them fully recovered.

Note for SD Card Photo Recovery on Mac

Note: When you use Card Data Recovery to recover memory data on Mac and save the data restored, you can not save the recovered files to the same card where previous ones located. Because the space where the data you hope to recover taken might be overwritten.